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New Release Coming Soon!

Download our Beta release TODAY and stay tuned for exciting updates in the next weeks as we reinvigorate the app and add much demanded features! Contact us if you'd like to be contacted about feature testing opportunities!



Tour the street art of your favorite destination or artist!


Discover your favorite city, your way!


Visit your favorite stadiums and parks, and learn about their history along the way!


Discover culture and community, through delectable treats!


Designed for the seeker in all of us, GeoLanes brings the world to your fingertips.

Whether travelling to exotic locations, showing friends and family around town, killing time during your daily commute, or breaking up the monotony of a cross-country drive, GeoLanes allows you to connect with the things that make our lives worthwhile.

What are you interested in today?  Historical landmarks?  Architecture?  Modern Art?  Real-Estate?  Walking Trails?  Sporting Events?  The options are limited only to your imagination.

With the click of a few buttons, be on your way toward discovery.  Your way, on your schedule.  No fillers.

GeoLanes is a tourism application under development that will provide personalized tours, without all the irrelevant details we normally get with static tours. 

Contact us if you'd like to hear more about our work, our release dates, or want to help!

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