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GeoLanes is committed to using Artificial Intelligence (AI) responsibly and ethically. We utilize AI to generate dynamic and customized content. Content that is dynamically AI generated is identified when used. We make every attempt to curate and filter the content generated from AI to prevent misuse and display of inappropriate content. If you see misuse or inappropriate content, we want to hear from you. Contact us at

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GeoLanes Generative AI Policy


GeoLanes employs generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology in generating select consumer content on our application, website, social media platforms, and other communications. This policy outlines GeoLanes' approach to implementing AI technology in content creation, ensuring transparency and our commitment to ethical use of AI.


The purpose of this Generative AI Content Policy is to:

  • Inform users of the use of AI technology in select content generation;

  • Establish guidelines and boundaries for the use of generative AI technology;

  • Disclaim any liability for inaccuracy; and

  • Promote transparency and ethical use of AI technology within GeoLanes.


By using the GeoLanes application, platform, website, or services, you confirm your understanding and acceptance of this Generative AI Policy.

Use of AI Technology

We use generative AI technology to help create specific portions or types of content to provide users with relevant, personalized, and engaging materials. The AI technology derives its content from data inputs, including, but not limited to, user behavior, preferences, and demographic information, to generate content tailored to the user's needs and interests. Some of the generated content may include blog articles, social media posts, personalized recommendations, and customer communication templates.

Moderation and Monitoring

To maintain the quality of AI-generated content on our platform, we implement regular monitoring and moderation processes. We actively review the content generated by our AI technology algorithms and take appropriate measures to correct inaccuracies, remove offensive or inappropriate content, and improve the overall quality of our offerings.

Transparency and Disclosure

We will ensure that all content generated using generative AI technology is clearly labeled and identifiable as such, enabling users to differentiate between AI-generated content and content created by internal staff or third-party contributors.

Intellectual Property

All AI-generated content on the GeoLanes application, platform, website, or services is the intellectual property of GeoLanes or its licensors, as applicable. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or use of such content is strictly prohibited.

Guidelines and Boundaries

We adhere to the following guidelines and boundaries in the application of generative AI technology:

  • Protection of user privacy and confidentiality by avoiding the utilization of personal, sensitive data that may compromise user privacy;

  • Adherence to applicable legal and regulatory frameworks, as well as business and industry-specific ethical guidelines;

  • No promotion of harmful, hateful, or discriminatory content.

Disclaiming Liability for Inaccuracy

While we endeavor to ensure the accuracy and relevancy of the AI-generated content, we does not guarantee complete accuracy or appropriateness of such content. GeoLanes disclaims any liability for potential inaccuracies, misleading or false information, or any other issues arising from the use of the generative AI technology in consumer content. Users should exercise caution when relying on AI-generated content and consider verifying the information independently.

User Feedback and Continuous Improvement

We encourage users to provide feedback on any inaccuracies or concerns regarding AI-generated content. User feedback is vital for continually monitoring, assessing, and refining the AI technology to enhance accuracy and adhere to ethical guidelines in content generation.

We may update this policy at any time, with or without notice, to adapt to advances in AI technology and changes in applicable laws and regulations. We recommend that users periodically review our Generative AI Policy to stay informed about our practices and ensure compliance.

Please direct any questions or feedback related to this policy to

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